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The Foxy House

(For any enquiries, email:, as of March 2023)

“Where everything exists in a dream of endless, beautiful flow…” 

Inspired by the work of internationally recognised artist Kim Ashton (Davison), founder & designer of The Foxy House.

Offering unique, exquisitely designed, environmentally conscious, luxurious additions to your wardrobe; created using the finest materials; designed, hand stitched and made in the heart of London; essentially imbued with romance, passion and the delicate hint of promise.

Combining Japanese, Tibetan, classical Greek and Renaissance themes with the essence of femininity, individuality, and the power of movement and dance, our pieces exist to enchant the senses, to deliver something special to everyone, beautifully bridging the traditional and the new, today, tomorrow and forever…

The Foxy House is new. Different, embracing beauty and transcending fashion, bringing wonder and magic to your everyday.


Kim Ashton (Davison)

A graduate in Fine Art and Design (with Dance), Kim is renowned for her expressive, intuitive, bold and unflinching style. Her pieces, brave and bewitching, celebrating femininity and sexuality, have shown successfully in London and New York; her inspiration the passion, beauty and movement of life.

 (For any enquiries, email:, as of March 2023)